About Us

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In 2006, our first business is created with the initiative, ingenuity and perseverance of entrepreneurs in Colombia and Venezuela focused on technology issues, a company that soon would be left Colombian capital due to difficulties in economic exchange with Venezuela, in 2013 markets have embraced technology services, collection management, real estate and insurance consulting as the fourth brand of the group. Today with a progressive vision of the business group consolidates, through innovative strategies in emerging markets, but framed in social responsibility and the common good.
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Mission and Vision

Mission: Companies that are part of the Business Group is substantiated in generating solutions with ongoing advice service, competent, efficient and timely manner. Generating added value and welfare for our employees and customers.

Vision: Consolidate service scheme so that every one of the group companies maintain and expand its base of satisfied customers.

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Policies and corporate values governing Dynamic Group are designed to fulfill the mission of being a leading group of companies who believe in the benefit of their clients, in their professional and equity partners, and these values;

Efficiency: we look for the maximum utilization of resources efficiently and optimally.

Respect: we seek to highlight individual and group values of individuals as unique beings accept us as human beings and accepting each other.

Commitment: we identify with the group of companies as a team that provides comprehensive and successful.

Honesty: We act responsibly with professional ethics, building trust in our customers.